How to Buy Stocks And Shares


“Buy sell, higher lower” These are the terms I think of when people talk to me about the buying of stocks and shares. But what actually is it, and why do people do it?

Stocks are representations of the amount invested in a business and serve as business security and differs from the property or assets of a business which invariably will alter.

Shares are the dividends of the stock. These can be traded and purchased. They can be owned by people inside and outside of the business from which the original stock came.

Anyone who owns shares in a company will have proof of this in the form of a stock certificate and are collectively and singularly referred to as share holders.

The Future of Buying Stocks and Shares

In times gone, the purchase of stocks and shares was generally left to the financialy Savvy or business elite. Everyday people did not delve into the Stock Market. Now however, the buying and selling (trading) of shares is becoming increasingly common practice.

As the World Wide Web continues to evolve, shining a light into dark corners of ignorance, the general public are becoming better aware of what is available financially for them. It is as simple as typing “buying stocks and shares” into Google and one gets millions of available sites for perusal.

People can buy shares in their favourite products and sports teams. They can check the progress of their shares to see if they have made a profit or loss and they can trade with the click of a button.

So fellow (fellowess!) share buyer, I wish you good luck and as they say in the share business – may your capital growth* be best!

*Capital growth is the term referring to a positive difference in the selling price of a share over its original purchase price.

The updated guide will be re-published soon, so watch this space!